Coffee addict . Social media maniac . Lover of words . Connoisseur of nice biscuits.

Hi! I’m Sian.  Cloverleaf is my business, and this is my story.

I set up Cloverleaf in 2014 after our first child was born and the thought of leaving her to return to working full time was unbearable, so I took the plunge!  We now have 2 children and Cloverleaf is my third baby (it’s equally as demanding).

Cloverleaf is the result of a lifelong dream to be my own boss.  Something that I never thought I would be capable of…but here I am, living that dream (I still can’t quite believe it!)

My working life has always involved sales and marketing, now I use the skills and experience I’ve built over the years to help other small business owners work out how to make sense of their marketing. 

I joined the mad world of social media with a Twitter account in 2009 and I’ve never looked back. I live and breathe social media – it fascinates me – I love the way it brings businesses to life, and how it can bring people together.  Social media is a place for ideas, inspiration, fun and information.  When it’s used well it can make your business explode – it’s an invaluable resource for any small business.

Writing and storytelling is a huge passion… I grew up with my nose buried in a book and dreaming of writing my own one day (that hasn’t happened yet, but you never know).

So Cloverleaf allows me to combine a love of words, storytelling, social media, creativeness, people and coffee into a business I love.  

I’m also an enthusiastic ambassador for the local community and I run events and other exciting projects with fellow local businesses.  Downtime is rare but any that I do get is spent with my family – because they are the reason behind everything I do…I’ve found that every great business story starts with a reason….so what’s yours?  I’d love to find out!